MPC at Ad Week Europe

MPC and MPC Creative set for triple bill at AWEurope 2017

Advertising Week is the premiere event for marketing, brand, advertising, and technology professionals. Now in four major cities across the globe - New York, London, Tokyo, and Mexico City - each edition of Advertising Week presents endless opportunities to learn, network and liaise with the industry's best. We’re taking an outstanding line up to showcase our best creatives, thought leaders, and immersive technology. Here’s what we’re doing:


MPC presents ‘Digital Darwinism, Survival of the Cutest’

Using examples including our record breaking John Lewis ‘Buster the Boxer’ animated Christmas campaign and Academy Award winning ‘The Jungle Book’ - both pushing creativity and VFX to new limits – we reveal our studio’s biggest secrets in character animation and provide fascinating insights into the creative methodology involved in making photo-real creatures.

This is an opportunity to see how the studio’s growing suite of tools and creative problem solving constantly feeds back into the CG gene pool, ensuring the next creation inherits, evolves and becomes even more accomplished than the last achievement.


When & Where

Wednesday 22nd March at 12.30pm, Workshop stage 

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MPC Creative takes part in Propeller’s panel, AI: Can Robots Crash the Creative Party?

Forward-thinking creative agencies are beginning to investigate how they work with A.I. to develop a competitive advantage. Creative Director Pete Conolly at MPC Creative speaks on a panel exploring where the potential lies, and how much creative agencies will have to change. Big questions will be asked: Is A.I. going to fundamentally transform the DNA of how they operate – and what skills will the ECDs of the future need, or are they redundant?


When & Where

Wednesday 3pm, IPA Centenary Stage 

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MPC Creative brings Kygo ‘Carry Me’ to the APA’s VR & AR Interactive Space

Running alongside the talks is a dedicated space for APA members to showcase their best immersive experiences. On Wednesday 22 March, MPC Creative will demo Kygo ‘Carry Me’ on Playstation VR, which uses strengths of Virtual Reality technology to craft an entirely new kind of music experience.


You can see the full programme of events here and follow the action @AW_Europe for updates.