Matthieu Toullet

Colourist Reel

MPC are delighted to welcome colourist Matthieu Toullet, who joins from Digital District Paris with over 12 years experience grading commercials, films and music videos.

Matthieu has worked across numerous outstanding projects including the Jeppe Ronde directed Come 4: ‘The Lover’ spot which was awarded a Gold Lion in Cinematography at the Cannes Lions 2013. His work spans many genres, from the iconic award-winning urban street campaign for adidas’ ‘Unite all Originals’ with SoMe and Sid Lee, to glamorous fashion films for Cacharel and Jean Paul Gaultier. His work with prominent directors such as Terry Hall, Bart Timmer and Jean-Baptiste Mondino, to name a few, is some of the most visually arresting in the industry.


This showreel contains VFX carried out at Digital District, Paris.

Matthieu Toullet - Reel


Corona, The Flow; Agency, Wieden + Kennedy

Volvo, Human Stories 'Oliver'; Agency, Grey London; Director, D.A.R.Y.L

Volvo, Human Stories 'Erik'; Agency, Grey London; Director; D.A.R.Y.L

Volvo, Human Stories 'Maria & Josefin'; Agency, Grey London; Director; D.A.R.Y.L

Finlandia, 1000 Years of Less Ordinary Wisdom; Agency, Wieden + Kennedy London; Director, Siri Bunford

Vacheron Constantin, Tivoli

Heineken, Nature's Wonder; Agency, TBWA Neboko, Netherlands; Director, Bart Timmer

Alicia Keys, A Take Away Show; Director, Colin Solal Cardo

Jain, Makeba; Artbridge/Quad, Paris; Directors, Greg&Lio

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