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Sky Sports, Breadth of Sport

A colourful spot showcasing Sky Sport’s extensive coverage of major sporting events throughout the year in the world of Football, Rugby, Cricket, Formula 1, American Football, Boxing and Golf.




Sky Creative

Creative Director

Chris Wilcock

Senior Designer/Creative Director

Brad Le Riche

Design/Concept Development

Brad Le Riche, Jonathan Hobson & Chris Wilcock


Steven Ryan, Natasha Laranjo & Ana Gomes

Sound Design

Simon Hitner

Footage Research

Jonathan Hobson & Steve Ryan



VFX Producer

Paul Branch

VFX Supervisor 2D

Michael Gregory

VFX Supervisor 3D

Andreu Lucio Archs

Project Coordinator

Russell Forde

Project Coordinator (Bangalore)

Ekta Gupta

VFX Team

Tushar Kewlani, Steve Oakley, Andreas Feix, Thanos Topouzis, Eliot Hobdell, Olivier Sicot, D. Venkatesan, David Filipe, Prashanth Parasivam, Ranajoy Kar, Sreejimol CP, David Bryan, Elangovan Ganeshan, Pedrom Dadgostar, Jaswan Vishnu Prasath, S. Samson Samuel, Earnest Victor, Elangovan Ganeshan, Ganesh Kumar S, Jacob T. Oommen, Alex J, Amresh Kumar, Deepali Negi, Joshi John, Manu PS, Mohan Pugaz, Naresh, Padma Priya, Prashanth Palaparthi, Shyam Babu, Sreejimol CP & Sudheesh TV




George K

We craft spectacular visual experiences in any space, on any screen.